Main facts from history


Founding of the company. Number of colleagues: 5 persons. The first project, Easy Query (SQL Report Generator), starts to generate reports on results of different laboratories research. Further on, this project will become a constituent of ISD projects.



Staff of colleagues is 30 people.




Starting point for the largest project – SoftLabMic: automation of working processes in clinical and micro-biological laboratories.

Rise of a new department of Quality Assurance: monitoring quality of the working processes and produced programming software.




First SoftLabMic demo-version successfully implemented.



A separate testing team is created. Staff of colleagues is enlarged to 140 persons.




A new project starts: SoftIE (Interface Engine): integration of software applications.

Education Center is opened for organization and performing internal and external corporative courses and trainings.

First installation of SoftLabMic with graphic-user-interface (GUI – Graphic-User-Interface) takes place. Until this time, there were used versions of SoftLabMic with text interface only (ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange), developed under Operation System UNIX to automate work in laboratories and clinics.

A group of projects called “Efision” is started. Projects of this group allow planning of business processes, roles distribution among the participants, information streams management automation, working time accounting optimization, documentation and record keeping expediting.

Staff of colleagues is 190 people.





New projects start:

SoftScape: mapping programs in graphic-user-interface created for UNIX operation system; SoftAR: calculation system automation and costs and payments accounting for medical services. SoftWeb (SoftQuery): Web-application for doctors designed to help work with patient information via Internet. SoftBank and Soft Donor: automation of business processes in Blood Banks and Donor Centers.

New teams are created:

Automated Testing: purposed to optimize processes automated testing is implemented. SIT (Suit Integration Testing): purposed to test compatibility of programming software products. Integration: includes MIS, SE and CM. It’s created on the basis of the System Administrators team:

  • accesses, administration of the mail-server, follow-up of servers and assurance of data security.
  • SE (System Engineering): installation and support of working media for software as necessary for development and testing.
  • CM (Configuration Management): compilation and configuration.

Staff of employees is above 200 people.





SoftCMN project is started: a set of standard libraries for the main part of our programming products.

Staff of colleagues reaches 255 people.





As part of Integration team a separate team starts, DBA (Database Administrators), purposed to perform work on installation, updating, configuration and database security.

The following projects begin:

SoftMedia: storing, searching, look-up, editing and processing of graphic documentation, work with scanner and printer;

SoftMerge: comparing, browsing and editing programming code.

Staff of colleagues reaches 300 people, company still continues hiring new colleagues.




A new project, SoftTotal QC begins: quality control of laboratory research.



Opening offices in Lvov.




Opening offices in Berdyansk.

SoftRNV projects starts: automation of the processes of receiving, sorting and accounting of the samples of tissues and fluids for laboratory research.





SoftGene projects starts: automation of working processes for genetic laboratories.

An independent Support team is created in order to extend general servicing help and support to clients, monitoring and analysis of system state, fulfillment of maintenance works, troubleshooting and installation of necessary updates for programming software.