Adaptation trainings for new colleagues

Purpose: familiarization of the newcomer with the information about the company, its structure, internal procedures, processes of work, corporative rules and standards, principles and culture.
Trainings of this direction are introductory for newcomers of the company, directed to becoming a member of the teamwork from the very beginning, being familiar with the structure of the company, functions of different departments, so that the newcomer has information on the clients and the products in development in order to get a good understanding of internal processes, rules and requirements and their basis, as well as his own possibilities and perspectives and privileges.

Specialized training programs on products

Purpose: familiarization of colleagues with the business processes, functionality and specificity of customizations of the programming products.

This direction includes courses on programming development. In relation to the fact that our products are designed for work in medical establishments there is an acute necessity to know not only the functionality but medical aspects also. That’s why each course includes a number of the following: issues of medicine of the given domain, the real business process, functionality of the system, practical assignments and control of the gained knowledge. A number of the trainings on the programming products are performed individually for each colleague, taking the specifics of his further work.

Technical Courses Direction

Purpose: students should obtain solid and confident basic knowledge in OOP, programming languages and have skills in UML usage.

This direction includes courses on OOP, technologies and programming languages С, С++, Java, C#. upon completion of the courses participants are given a possibility to work in the projects of the company on condition of successful passing of the technical interview.

Technical courses program is developed according to the strategic and tactical purposes of the company according to the corporative standards.

Management Trainings

Purpose: enhancing effectiveness of work managers and leaders, building teamwork, personal growth and development of the colleagues.

Internal corporative education of the middle management and potential managers is directed towards the personal growth of effectiveness of the leaders, development of leadership qualities, skills of managing people and business processes.

Within this direction there are also courses on team-building and personal development of colleagues of the company. The system of trainings on management is developed according to the tactical purposes of the organization by following the corporative standards.

English Classes Direction

In view of the fact that English is the language of the corporative business communication and information exchange in the company we offer free English courses which are provided by the highly qualified English instructors. Support and further improvement of the level of English is one of the components for professional and career growth of our colleagues.