Does the company provide payable vacations and how?

The company provides annual vacation time reckoned as 20 working days payable 100% according to the salary of an employee. The colleague makes vacation plans independently. There also exists a possibility to get half-a-day absence leaves.

How long is the duration of the probation term? Is work paid for during probation?

Probation usually runs as long as 3 months. However, in some extraordinary instances duration of probation could be changes: probation term could be shortened in case of speedy and successful adaptation of a colleague or prolonged in case a colleague needs more time for studying and getting involved into workflow. Services that are provided by a colleague of the company during probation term are paid fully according to the preliminary agreement.

What is the schedule of work?

Schedule of work is flexible when each employee has a possibility to manage his own working time. Duration of the working day may vary, however should not be less than 6 hours per day. An employee makes his own working schedule: his day can commence at 8-00 o’clock in the morning or at 10-00 respectively, therefore the end of the working day may run down to 16-00 or 20-00 o’clock. Working week is 40 working hours.

May students request and take absence leaves for the period of examinations or diploma defense?

Over the period of examination or diploma defense according to the requests of the students, a non-paid vacation is granted of 10 working days-off.

What are the possibilities for professional and career growth?

Career and Development.

Are there courses and trainings at the company?

Educational Center.

How does the company relate to certifications?


What are the technologies, development environments used in the projects?