Professional development

Adaptation trainings

Growth and professional development of a new-comer at ISD starts with the process of adaptation, which includes a series of trainings allowing the new colleague to get acquainted with different sides of live in our company and expedite the process of readjusting to the new teamwork. Components of adaptative trainings:

  • About the company (culture of the company, history, organizational structure, projects)
  • Norms of corporative etiquette and conducting business correspondence
  • Processes and corporative standards ( HIPAA)
  • Conditions of work;
  • Perspectives and components of development;
  • Programming products of the company, their integration and interaction
  • Compilation of motivational profile for colleagues
  • Corporative rules of computer networks safety;

Positional Introduction briefing

Manager introduces a new-comer into positional obligations, expectations, possibilities and his role in the project, and makes plans for personal development together with the colleague.

For the period of professional growth there is a tutor assigned, that will guide and tweak the process of professional adaptation and development of new colleague.

Assessment and attestation of personnel

Regular assessment of ISD personnel is conducted in order to provide planning of company activities, personnel rotation and development of colleagues, which is a form of feedback allowing colleagues to obtain information on their strengths, quality of work which in turn assists in optimizing the vector for development of new professional skills and knowledge and improving the ones already in possession. Existing in the company system of personnel assessment is a means allowing management to render the due regard to colleague’s achievements, define key competencies of colleagues and make decision about promotion or rotation, make plans for further career or professional growth.


Rotation is one of the methods to develop career or boost one’s professional growth for those specialists who have outgrown their position.

Inside the company, there exists a system of rotating colleagues between departments and units thus creating more possibilities of potential realization of our colleagues and providing transition from one position to another, from one project to another or even transfer from office to office.

Rotation or personnel is not a continual systemized behavior with separate occurrences taking place here and there as initiated by colleagues or caused by enterprise necessity, all being related to start-up of new projects or creation of new subdivisions.

Business Trips

Close collaboration with our foreign partners implies availability of business trips with the purpose of training, information exchange and close collaborative ties on sophisticated technical tasks resolution. Our colleagues have the possibility to work shoulder to shoulder with colleagues of the partnering companies, to plunge into the working atmosphere of American or Polish office, establish not only business but also friendly bonds with colleagues abroad and travel to see the rest of the world.