Recruitment procedure

1. Initial interview

Initial interview is held by HR-specialist. It includes filling out registration form, evaluation of the English language command and completion of technical tests, which were developed individually for each position. Example of test assignment for the position of Autotester

    Rules of writing the trial test for Autotester position:
  • During writing the test it is allowed to ask questions and ask for consultation only with the person who holds the testing. Any communications between those tested automatically entails 0 (zero) evaluation by both trespassers.
  • At the test it is allowed use any programming language, any literature.
  • Near each task in brackets there is the maximum number of points which is possible to get. The system of evaluation is as follows:
    Up to 50% of the maximum – for correct resolution of the task;
    Up to 25% of the maximum – for effective resolution;
    Up to 25% maximum – for a good style.
  • The testing time is given at the amount of 200 minutes for writing the test on 100 рoints (2 minutes equal 1 point).
  • During writing the test please remember that a human being will be checking it, and it is your best interest to write legibly and clearly to the maximum. Do not forget, that comments are never enough.
  • If during writing tasks 3, 5, 6 you have forgotten the title of the necessary library function, you may think up your own title for it, describe its function and its arguments in the comments and use it further when fulfilling the task. The only restriction: this function should be analogous of the really existing function in the standard library.
  • In task assignments 2 and 4 the input line is guaranteed not to have tabulation symbols and the end of the line ('\n').

The real test will be offered to you during the interview. Processing of the results of the tests done by candidates from Dnepropetrovsk will take up to 7 days.

2. Technical interview

The technical Interview is conducted by the heads of departments and\or by leading specialists. It includes examination of the theoretic knowledge and practical skills of work with certain technologies and programming languages.
The list of the main questions that are asked at the interview
The questions are provided for acquaintance purposes and not in full volume. During the interview the list of questions may change and be enlarged

3. The final interview (is held with the Director of the company, Technical Director and HR manager)

During taking this stage of the interviewing you should be ready for an interview in English.

Enrollment for the interview:
Telephone: +380-56-756-93-10
Cell phone: +380-50-480-13-93