The list of Potential Questions that may be asked during the interview for Java Developer Position.

  1. Please give different possible implementations of the interface
  2. public interface ISampleInterface {
    	void doWork(MyParam myParam) throws MyException;
  3. Is it possible to declare method in Java interface as:
    1. abstract
    2. final
    3. static
    4. public
    5. protected
  4. Please explain your answer.
  5. If you don’t want your class to be sub-classed, what should you do?
  6. How will you define a constant in Java? Is it possible? How?
  7. Can you please give examples of design patterns implemented in a standard Java API?
  8. Let’s assume you have two classes representing some services: Service1Impl and Service2Impl. Client (represented as Client1Impl class) expects to access functionality of these two services through one class: Client1Service.
    1. How will you reuse functionality of Service1Impl and Service1Imp2 in Client1Service?
    2. Does Java support multiple inheritance?
  9. Should you need to add something to this scheme, please don’t hesitate.
    Please support your answer with a UML diagram (or using other notation).
  10. What are possible combinations of try, catch, finally blocks?
  11. Is it possible for Java class to be declared as static? If yes, please give example.
  12. What can be final in Java? Please give example.
  13. What is the correct way of comparing two String object to be equal?