AR (Accounts Receivable) is a solution on automation of processes of costs calculation for laboratory services, billing and acceptance of payment accounting patient insurance, discounts and individual specifics of laboratories and payers. Programming software allows passing the information from laboratory applications to standard accounting programs.

Scope: Medical laboratories, clinics, hospitals.



  • Customizations according to specifics, conditions and requirements of medical establishment;
  • Multi-language client support;
  • Follow-up of multi-sites medical complexes with specific control of financial movement;
  • At the point of creation of database structure international standards HL 7, HIPAA were used;
  • High-level of security protection for the access to the system;
  • Multiple-user usability (system is oriented towards the possibility of remote work of physically distanced laboratories and hospitals with common database);
  • Possibility of practically complete process automation which brings the system control down to one person in operation;
  • Automated medical necessity checking insures the appropriate diagnosis is associated with the correct CPT based on defined LMRP/NCD guidelines;
  • Special control mechanism of extreme situations and possible mistakes allowing controlling and tracking non-standard cases of accounting services and sending invoices, timely trouble-shooting of technical problems of the working processes also.


  • Registration, overview and editing of patient’s information;
  • Control of data entries and search of certain criteria;
  • Registration of assignments for laboratory research of different urgency statuses;
  • Receiving data from laboratories;
  • Generating bills;
  • Multi-level price-list on services with a possibility of re-grouping to satisfy most complicated contract terms and conditions with the payers;
  • Combining insurance claims related to all the payments before billing formation;
  • Automatic corrections (e.g. corrections according to the contract as based on cancellation of acceptable insignificant sums);
  • Registration of sending bills to the payers;
  • Monitoring of client responses;
  • Flexibility and customization of billing formats;
  • Generation of reports of different types;
  • Design of customized types of repo rts;
  • Customization and generation of ODBC-compatible accounting and managerial reports.


  • Client-server architecture;
  • Client - Java, NetBeans platform;
  • Server - is an Java applications suite under IBM AIX 5.X.