Bank is a complex solution for automation of processes and procedures in blood banks. The system allows registering products for transfusion, results of their testing, accounting for terms of storage of each unit, and also working with information about patients, medical examination results, selecting corresponding product for transfusion, registering cross-match test results. Also, the system keeps track of information about the process of the blood transfusion and recipient’s reaction to the transfusion; also it is possible to review the whole history of transfusions for each recipient. The system is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, USA,

Scope: Blood Banks.

Bank Bank


  • Complies with requirements of International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT);
  • The following international and national standards were used during creation of the system: HL7, LOINC, HIPAA;
  • Multiple-user system;
  • Multi-language client support;
  • Customization according to specifics, conditions and requirements of a blood bank;
  • High security protection of the access to the system;
  • Daily tracking and audit of all the realized processed in the system;
  • Multiple-user scheme of usability: system is oriented to the possibility of remote work of physically distanced laboratories and hospitals with common database.


  • Registration, review and editing of information about patients;
  • Control of entries and search by a set of criteria;
  • Registration of assignments for medical examination and blood transfusion;
  • The system of registration, accounting and product management for transfusions, solutions, reagents, etc.;
  • Registration of assignments for medical examinations of received products for storage in a blood bank for the purpose of transfusion;
  • Documenting system and management of withdrawn and recalled products for transfusion;
  • Control of condition and volumes of blood storage, which prevents their loss to a minimum by a reason of shelf-life expiration data;
  • Entry of results of patients’ medical examination;
  • Work with laboratory analyzers;
  • Automatic interpretation of medical examination results;
  • Computerized protocol ( so called ‘Worksheets’) for data entry of the results of online tests;
  • Assignment and control of transfusions dates;
  • Automatic cross-match test of recipient’s blood and selected products for transfusion;
  • Selection of blood with necessary parameters;
  • Automatic checking of cross-match of patient’s blood and the product that is planned for transfusion;
  • Generating reports of different types on a set of given criteria.


  • Terminal – oriented application;
  • Supports GUI (Graphic-User Interface), based on usage of the following technologies: XML and .Net;
  • Developed in the C programming language under UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, etc);
  • Database Management System used for storage and processing of the data is db_VISTA;
  • Works with Oracle Database Management System by means of DORA technology.