Donor – is an effective solution automating processes of work with donors and prepared portions of products for transfusion. Donor allows effective management of daily work tasks of donor centers, including visits of donors, preparation of blood portions for transfusion, medical examination of donors, control and management of portions of products in storage. Donor provides complete documenting of all the stages of work with donors and products for transfusion. The system is approved by Food and Drug Association (FDA, USA,

Scope: Donor centers and blood banks.



  • Customization according to specifics, conditions and requirements of a donor center;
  • National and international standards were used for the creation of the system, such as HL 7, LOINC, HIPAA;
  • High degree of system access protection;
  • Multi-language client support;
  • Multi-user system of application that is oriented towards the possibility of remote work of physically distanced client sites that have common database.


  • Registration, review and editing of information about a donor;
  • Control of database entries and search by a set of criteria;
  • Quick search of donors with rare blood types, generation of lists of eligible donors by using complex search criteria, including exclusion logics: "and/or";
  • Documenting the processes of communication with donors and potential donors by means of letters and telephone;
  • Documenting donors' application forms, medical examination results, donation procedures, information about review of donors' history, meanwhile fixating the colleague's name, i.e. the person who held this stage of the processes with date and time;
  • Documenting medical examination results of donors;
  • Keeping track of the list of infected donors (viral inflammation of the liver, AIDS, etc.);
  • Prevention of conducting double examinations;
  • Registration and interpretation of tests results on the basis of algorithms as pre-set by user;
  • Customization and management of the system of donor's eligibility for blood donation, automatic rejection from donation in case donor is not eligible by the criteria, pre-defined by user;
  • Modernized algorithms of medical examinations of donors may be used in order to postpone donor and set additional notifications, quarantine a donor, or assign donor's monitoring or cancel portions of the product;
  • Registration of all the stages of blood donation by a donor;
  • Configuring processes of preparation of blood products for transfusion, fixating numbers of containers and numbers of the shipments;
  • Management of database of products for transfusion;
  • Thorough control of products for transfusion with relation to diseases that are transmitted during transfusions;
  • Automatic tracking of results of quality control of products for transfusion;
  • Registration of assignments for serological examination and their results;
  • Interaction with laboratory analyzers;
  • Automatic interpretation of examination results;
  • Notifications management system at any anomaly or process malfunction;
  • Printing labels for containers with information, defined by a user;
  • Generating and working with a bar-code;
  • Generating reports of different types on a set of given criteria;
  • Any deviations from earlier predefined process are fixated in the system for review by management and may be cancelled by the person who is in control.


  • Terminal-oriented application;
  • Developed in C programming language under UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, etc.);
  • Db_VISTA is used to store and process data;
  • Supports graphic interface, based on XML and .Net usage;
  • Works in Oracle database management system by means of DORA.