EPE is an Enterprise Process Engine

Scope: Enterprises of any type and different business processes.



  • Work with system by means of Internet Explorer, which is a part of standard Windows Operation System;
  • Flexible customization according to specifics of business-processes of a client’s enterprise.


  • Business Processes modeling;
  • Launching and monitoring of processes;
  • Automatic launching of processes;
  • Task Management;
  • Modeling of organizational structure of the company;
  • Delimitation of access to company’s resources;
  • Repository of documents;
  • Data Export /Import;
  • Integrated reports generator;
  • Automatic reports launching;
  • Client systems interfaces.


  • Programming language - Java;
  • Platform– Java 2 Enterprise Edition;
  • Applications server - WebSphere Server, Jboss;
  • Development environment– WebSphere Studio Application Developer, Eclipse.