IE (Interface Engineering) works as a part of interfaces of hospital information system (HIS), providing transference of messages and routing of information streams.

Scope: Hospital and laboratory information systems.



  • Customization according to specifics, conditions and requirements of users;
  • Integration is carried out by means of messages in different formats, such as: Fixed, HL7;
  • Sending information to the remote hosts is carried out by different protocols, such as: TCP/IP, FTP, http;
  • Intuitively understandable user-interface allows easy creation and customization and check server configuration and also manage remote server.


  • It is used to convert information received from other systems and also before transferring information to other systems;
  • Changes of data that take place in programming applications in the laboratory information system go through the Interface Engine;
  • In the programming product an additional component is realized - communication server, which is used to send information to the remote hosts;
  • Easy to customize server. Logics of conversion of messages and their routing is setup by means of configuration files;
  • A large set of instructions allows realization of practically any algorithm of data messaging. If necessary, a set of instructions may be easy to enlarge;
  • Support of a large number of modern protocols of information exchange gives possibility to transfer data onto any remote systems;
  • Protocol of remote communications is also easy to customize with the help of configuration.


  • Client-server architecture;
  • Client - Java, NetBeans platform;
  • Server - is an Java applications suite under IBM AIX 5.X.