Lab – is a complex solution for automation of processes of general clinical laboratory. It allows working with information about patient, sample, taken for the research, tests and research results. The system allows generating unified reports of different kinds.
Being a global functionality system and having extended possibilities for integration, it is in virtue a flexible system that makes it possible to conduct fine customization according to clients’ requirements.

Scope: General clinical laboratories.



  • Multi-language Client Support;
  • Customizations according to conditions and requirements of the client;
  • Multi-user application system;
  • Complex integration of several clients’ sites / consolidation;
  • Possibility of integration with other medical information systems;
  • Integration with laboratory robotic technical devices \ automated analyzers;
  • Paralleled processes;
  • Compliance with the standards HIPAA, HL7, LOINC;
  • Minimization of delay in workings of the system during the peak performance workload.


  • Registration, examination and editing of information on a patient;
  • Control of the data entries and search by a set of criteria;
  • Registration of assignments for laboratory research of different urgency types;
  • Automatic checking of medical necessity to hold analysis on a need-be basis, taking ABN factor into consideration;
  • Registration of the date and time of collection the specimen and receiving them at the designated laboratory;
  • Accounting for movement of the samples;
  • Manual and automatic entry of results of laboratory research;
  • Mapping data on-line in the real-time mode, automatic updates;
  • Realization of the work of blood-cells counter;
  • Evaluation of the results of research (degree of results’ deviation form norm);
  • System of warning on critical research results;
  • Building graphs and diagrams on research results;
  • Rule Based System for automatic realization of situational scenarios (up to several thousand rules);
  • Flexible systems of patient and management reports, ODBC, SQL;
  • Systems of telephone calls management.


  • Client–server system;
  • Thick client – a set of Win32 applications developed via Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC. Server part – a set of applications working under OS IBM AIX 5.X written on C++ using compiler IBM Visual Age Compiler;
  • DbVista and Oracle Database Management Systems are used for data storage and processing;
  • CORBA, as commercial realization of Visibroker, is used for client-server connectivity, from the package Borland Enterprise Server, or open-source TAO realization;
  • CORBA, CCOW, WebServices are used for the integration with other information systems;
  • Project has a well-developed “Help” system;
  • Storage and processing documentation is effectuated in English by means of UML.