RNV – is an effective solution for automating processes of specimen receiving in a laboratory. The project allows effective management of daily work tasks on registration, information verification on specimens in receipt, sorting the specimens out and dispatching them to workstation for conducting analyses. Application is used in larger laboratories where about 20-30 thousands specimens are registered daily, that are shipped from all over the world.

Scope: Laboratories of different types.



  • Multi-user usability system;
  • Integration with external information systems;
  • National and international standards compliance: HL 7, LOINC, ISO, HIPAA;
  • Multi-level security control.


  • Documenting the fact of receiving specimens for medical analyses;
  • Specimen verification (type of material for research, quality of the specimen, type and integrity of the container, shelf-life expiration, temperature and so on);
  • Selection of the most qualitative specimen for analyses;
  • In case workstation is reserved, however pre-scheduled for the analysis, the specimen is automatically redirected to the available workstation according to the preliminary user-defined rules;
  • Review of the history of actions performed on a specimen, analysis or changes on the level of patient’s information, review of examination assignment;
  • Tracking specimens movement and shelf-life expiration;
  • If there’s a problem specimen can be put on the Problem List manually or automatically;
  • Rule Based System for automatic realization of situational scenarios (up to several thousand rules);
  • Possibility to print labels with bar-codes and scanner usage at registration and work with specimen;
  • User-assigned list of database captions entries consisting of static and semi-static files;
  • Design, review and printing SQL reports of different types according to preferences of the client.


  • Client-server application;
  • Client part is developed on a .NET platform;
  • Server part is developed on Java ЕЕ 5, WebLogic;
  • For data storage ORACLE database management system is used;
  • Client-server connectivity is provided by means of SOAP Web Services.