Programming software which allows user to work with applications developed for UNIX operating system within the operating media of MS Windows. This is achieved by means of transformation of ASCII-interface of UNIX-applications developed with the help of c-scape library, in GUI-interface, built on elements of MS Windows elements of administration.

Scope: Any applications developed under UNIX with the help of c-scape library.



  • UNIX-application, currently launched, is completely responsible for the business logics, and Scape provides only user-interface;
  • One server may be in use simultaneously by many users;
  • Information exchange between clients and server is carried via XML-queries.


  • Work with UNIX-applications in the operational media of MS Windows;
  • Interface mapping as built on ASCII-symbols similar to elements of MS Windows administration;
  • Customization of interface according to requirements of concrete user;
  • Mapping diagrams and graphs;
  • Localization of application for Canada (the French language) and USA (the English language);
  • Data export (e.g. into MS Excel format).


  • Client-server application;
  • Client part is developed in C# programming language, server part is developed in C programming language;
  • .NET technologies;
  • Using Windows-components library in DevExpress.