ISD - Information Systems Development - Scape


Programming software which allows user to work with applications developed for UNIX operating system within the operating media of MS Windows. This is achieved by means of transformation of ASCII-interface of UNIX-applications developed with the help of c-scape library, in GUI-interface, built on elements of MS Windows elements of administration.

Scope: Any applications developed under UNIX with the help of c-scape library.



  • UNIX-application, currently launched, is completely responsible for the business logics, and Scape provides only user-interface;
  • One server may be in use simultaneously by many users;
  • Information exchange between clients and server is carried via XML-queries.


  • Work with UNIX-applications in the operational media of MS Windows;
  • Interface mapping as built on ASCII-symbols similar to elements of MS Windows administration;
  • Customization of interface according to requirements of concrete user;
  • Mapping diagrams and graphs;
  • Localization of application for Canada (the French language) and USA (the English language);
  • Data export (e.g. into MS Excel format).


  • Client-server application;
  • Client part is developed in C# programming language, server part is developed in C programming language;
  • .NET technologies;
  • Using Windows-components library in DevExpress.