Web is a web-based application allowing registering patients, entering codes of diagnoses, ordering analyses, carrying out verification of medical necessity for conducing analyses, reviewing and processing results on-line, obtained from blood-banks and laboratories of different types: clinical, microbiological, pathological, radiological.

Scope: Clinics and Hospitals.



  • Multi-user system of application;
  • Multi-lingual client-support;
  • Interactive access to the results of laboratory research;
  • Individual customization of interface for a specific user (e.g. request pane may look like a paper blank form, habitual for a client, customization according to doctor’s specialization);
  • Multi-level security control allowing HIPAA standards compliance.


  • Fixation of the basic data on patient’s stay at the hospital;
  • Entry of identification and other information about patients;
  • Control of data entries and search according to a set of given criteria;
  • Ordering laboratory research;
  • Remote printing of labels with bar-code at the point of registration of request for laboratory research;
  • Tracking statuses of tests processing and obtaining results in the interactive regime;
  • Versatile methods of information review;
  • Possibility to sort out lists of patients;
  • Information is mapped via graphs and tables allowing to visually look up and valuate history of patient’s sicknesses and his current state;
  • On-line help on tests;
  • System of validation of compliance of assigned laboratory tests to the set diagnosis taking Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) into account;
  • Automatic routing of testing for multi-sites laboratories;
  • Review of final reports with the results viewed by multiple departments simultaneously with the possibility of printing, faxing or e-mailing.


  • Multi-level architecture: «client» – «WEB server» – «server applications» – «database server»;
  • Development is done in Java and C++ on the Windows, AIX, Linux platforms;
  • Used technologies are developed by Sun, Oracle, Microsoft, Apache, OMG, W3C, IBM, The Open Group, such as: Web Services, CORBA, Swing, JDBC, Servlet and others;
  • UML is used for documenting.