Our Services

We offer solutions to a wide specter of tasks related to automation of unique business-processes of modern companies.

We provide complete cycle of development of programming software, including:

  • Collection and requirements analysis;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Architectural design;
  • Interface design;
  • Realization of project solutions with the help of specific technologies;
  • Complete cycle of testing;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Documentation compilation;
  • Support and technical maintenance.

Architectural project and design
The most important integral component of the software development is architectural design of applications, effectuated according to enterprise standards. Being skilled in technicalities of object-oriented design is a part of professional mastery of each programmer of our company.

We are working with a wide specter of information technologies. Technical requirements are developed individually for each project to best suit requirements and realities of a client. Apart from technologies that have been used and tested in the long course of time and those having recommended themselves well, we are using new and perspective technologies that allow creation of programming complexes with high demands to functionality, reliability, quality and safety.

Software testing and quality control
Testing is monitoring of the software functions in specific conditions with the purpose of defining extent of compliance with initial software requirements.

Technical support and maintenance
Support team provides services in the sphere of servicing, user and technical support of our clients. At present there are 25 qualified support specialists working in the department of the 1-st level support and programmers who are providing 24-hours per day non-stop support of the following products

Working environment
One of the major tasks which ought to be accomplished for the sake of successful functioning of a modern company is the one related to accessibility and actuality of information that provides technological and business processes operations. Modern network technologies used in our company provide effective collective work of colleagues, working in remote structural divisions of the company.