Technical support and maintenance

LabSupport team provides services in the sphere of servicing, user and technical support of our clients. At present there are 25 qualified support specialists working in the department of the 1-st level support and programmers who are providing 24-hours per day non-stop support of the following products of ours: Lab, Mic, Cmn, Reports, Bank, Donor, Scape, AR.

Technical support and servicing that are provided by the Support department include the following services:

  • Support during implementation and installation of necessary software updates;
  • Customization of the Software (within the frame of reference of accessible functionality) for the specific needs of the client;
  • Consulting of customer representatives on the issues of software usage;
  • Full complex of measures on managing troublesome incidents and their trouble-shooting, including analysis of reasons of their emergence;
  • Collaboration with the R&D departments with the purpose of timely trouble-shooting of the problems of the foremost priority;
  • Continual preventative monitoring and analysis of conditions of the client systems by using special technical means to avoid probable failures of working software.

Work of the department is regulated by the standards of the company and carried out in sync with the best practices of the IT industry.