Working environment

One of the major tasks which ought to be accomplished for the sake of successful functioning of a modern company is the one related to accessibility and actuality of information that provides technological and business processes operations. Modern network technologies used in our company provide effective collective work of colleagues, working in remote structural divisions of the company. High degree of processes integration of application development provides support of various operational systems, such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, and other platforms, such like: VisualC++, .NET, Java and others. Multi-processing RISC-servers made by IBM that are working under modern versions of AIX Operating System constitute the basis of the powerful distribution infrastructure. Advantages of the RISC-systems are the scalability, efficiency, orientation towards open technologies, powerful RAS functions (reliability, availability and serviceability) that provide high readiness of the server applications. All of this is making the optimal platform for deployment of applications of the corporative level, related to the processing of the large volumes of data and also to execute consolidation of several critically important applications on one server.

Well developed communication systems using Cisco equipment apart from traditional data transferring, allow videoconferencing with remote structural divisions of the company and foreign partners, support reliable telephone connection and provide direct serviceability of the servers and customizations of clients’ programming software, located anywhere around the world.